Photo credit: Rachel Abelson Photography

Photo credit: Rachel Abelson Photography

Pregnancy is an exciting and anxious time, especially for families expecting their first baby!

There are so many decisions to make and loads of brand new information filling one's mind..... what kind of birth should we plan? Where should we birth our baby? Who should we choose to support us during labor and birth and post-partum? What should we name our baby? What kind of prenatal care should we seek? Should we choose a doctor or a midwife? How do we choose which care provider is best for us? What will the baby's nursery look like? What kind of crib should we choose? Which stroller is the best? Which car seat is the safest? What are baby carriers? Cloth diapers or paper diapers? How many onesies do we need? Where is our baby going to sleep?

The questions are endless. The nights are already sleepless.

But how many expecting families ask "should we hire a doula?"

Maybe instead they ask "what is a doula?"

Who you choose to be in your birthing space is the single most important decision you will make regarding your baby's birth.


The word “doula” comes from ancient Greece and translates to “caregiver” or “woman of service”. Historically, women have always helped other women through labor and birth ….usually older women, often family members, who have experience in giving birth. In our current society, this is not so common. Mothers need support during pregnancy, labor and birth - this is where the role of a doula comes in.

Doulas are NON-medically trained experienced professionals that support mothers both emotionally and physically through pregnancy, labor, and birth as well as in the post-partum period. Doulas do not offer medical advice or make decisions for a pregnant person but instead, educate, guide, and help families make their own decisions about their pregnancy, their baby’s birth, and their baby’s care. Doulas assist with nursing and general newborn baby care. Doulas advocate for women and protect their birthing space and birth plan. Doulas also support women’s partners during labor and birth as sometimes they are the ones who need the most support in assisting the laboring mother.

Doulas recognize that birth is a significant experience in the life of a family, and an experience that will affect both mother and baby for the rest of their lives. Doulas understand the physiology and psychology that accompanies both pregnancy and birth. Doulas understand the emotional and physical needs of laboring mothers. Doulas provide education, emotional support, and an objective viewpoint while helping families make decisions about their baby’s birth. Doulas provide the resources needed for mothers to inform themselves. Doulas facilitate communication between the laboring mother, her partner, and care providers. Doulas offer much-needed support in the post-partum period to assist mothers and babies in recovering from childbirth, both physically and emotionally.


Doulas of North America (DONA) states the following fact: “Studies have shown that when doulas attend birth, labors are shorter with fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily.” Further studies (shared here from show the following when doulas support women during labor and delivery:

  • 50% fewer Cesarean sections

  • Reduction in the use of forceps or vacuum by 40%

  • 60% fewer requests for epidurals

  • 40% reduction in the use of synthetic oxytocin for inductions or augmentations

  • 30% reduction in use of pain medication

  • 25% reduction in labor length

  • Increased rates of nursing at six weeks post-partum (51% vs. 29%)

  • Higher self-esteem (74% vs. 59%), less anxiety (28% vs. 40%) and less depression (10% vs. 23%) at six weeks post-partum



Prenatal Support:

  • provide resources for informed decision-making

  • unlimited availability via text/phone/email for emotional support and/or guidance

  • available to attend prenatal appointments with care provider if needed/wanted

  • two visits to discuss birth plan, options, decisions, concerns, etc

Labor and Birth:

  • on-call support beginning two weeks before baby is expected

  • continuous support beginning when mother requests through immediate post-partum period

  • protection of laboring woman’s birth space and personal wishes regarding herself and her baby

  • emotional and physical support of laboring mother and partner

Antenatal Support:

  • support with nursing

  • two visits to mother’s home in the weeks following birth for support as needed or wanted

  • guidance in making decisions regarding caring for baby

  • support in processing baby’s birth


Daily post-partum doula support/overnight baby-nurse care for new mothers and families as long as needed while adjusting to life with a new baby.

Please contact me to discuss your family’s needs. After an initial consultation, we will decide together whether an hourly fee or a flat fee will be best.


Available to any mother or family anywhere in the U.S. Able to provide resources and support in making decisions, answering questions regarding prenatal care, finding a care provider, navigating rights within pregnancy and childbirth, and overall emotional support during one of the most important chapters of your life.

PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION is offered for a fee of $275.00.

  • can be booked separately from doula support (you do not have to be a doula client to receive this service)

  • both doula and birth photography clients receive a discounted rate of $175.00 for encapsulation.


Spot of Serendipity Doula Support offers:

  • 1 free consultation to get to know each other for all types of doula support

  • 2 prenatal visits in a location of your choosing or your home for birth doula support

  • continuous labor and birthing support from within 30 minutes of your request until 1-2 hours after your baby is born for birth doula support

  • 2 post-partum visits - the first within 24 hours of birth, and the 2nd one week after birth for birth doula support

  • daily care and support for post-partum doula support + overnight baby care as needed

  • virtual visits weekly as well as unlimited text and phone support prenatally for virtual doula support

  • payment plans available - money should not keep a woman from doula support

  • Currently accepting cash, check, Stripe or PayPal payments

  • please ask about my military discount if you or your partner actively serve in our Armed Forces, especially during deployment

  • ALL doula clients receive a discounted rate for PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION as well as BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY


birth doula support:  $1550.00

post-partum doula support: $35-40 per hour or flat fee

virtual prenatal doula support: $550.00