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Lifestyle photography encompasses a variety of photography styles however, mine is documentary. I've never been one to "set up" a shot. I do not carry props with me although I am open to using yours! I typically do not "pose" subjects and I prefer to shoot outside of the walls of a studio.  My creativity thrives in real life moments....those that happen naturally and organically.

For this type of shoot, I come to your home - or any other location you prefer - and I try to stay as invisible as I can. I allow your family to interact as you would if I were not there. I capture those everyday moments that are priceless, authentic and unable to be re-created. Moments of laughter, joy, happiness, and love.

My goal is to document your story, real and raw, with my camera. I want you to look back at the images I create for you years from now and be immediately pulled back into those moments as if they are still your "everyday", and feel what you felt during that chapter of life. Our lives are purely stories. Photography gives us the ability to time travel to the different chapters in our stories.